Is Serverless cost-effective?


Utilizing serverless document storage solutions and Functions as a Service is a cost-effective way to create a cloud-based solution.

It appears that the majority of people who gripe about the complexity and cost of using the cloud are only ever utilizing VM-based solutions, and they ignore the many capabilities that can be obtained out of the box when using managed or “serverless” services. If you approach the cloud as if it were just another data center, but have another company manage it on your behalf, you will almost certainly not have a cloud-based solution that is optimized for your needs, and the cost will almost certainly be higher.

Utilizing serverless document based storage solutions and Functions as a Service will allow you to have a very cost effective cloud deployment. This cloud deployment will include so many things out of the box, such as the capability to scale globally without having to change your application architecture. If you are building a simple app, this will allow you to have a very cost effective cloud deployment. Due to the fact that the only cost that isn’t entirely based on consumption is the cost of disk space for the database, this works out to a few dollars per application per month for the small hobby projects I work on. Using these tools, I created an application for a small company that has about 10 thousand monthly active users and costs them about $40 per month. Yes, they might be using a less powerful virtual private server (VPS) somewhere else, but it would still have to meet the same performance requirements for the number of users it currently supports. But if I had done that, I would have had to manually incorporate everything that I currently get from managed solutions. Since I last had to worry about patching my server’s operating system, years have passed.