Lost Ark – anti bot war


The Lost Ark developers are steadily killing off their bots while the fight rages on. In an effort to prevent bots, Lost Ark’s creators have made a number of recent adjustments to the game.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark proved to be a huge box office success. Despite this, bots are a major issue in the game. Recently, Amazon Games and Smilegate have made announcements about steps they are taking to help alleviate the problem. We’ve taken down over a million accounts tied to bots, hacking, and the sale of gold so far. To prevent gold vendors from spamming low-level accounts in the regional in-game chat, we’ve blocked access to that conversation for such accounts. Gold-related terms and phrases can now be more easily detected by automated conversation moderation systems. Event and quest rewards have been restructured to make it more difficult to “farm” gold with them. Improved detection of bots has been added to Easy Anti-Cheat. This sort of approach was also created by the designers to make it easier to detect bad activity. The methods for submitting bot accounts by gamers have been improved. In areas where Lost Ark isn’t officially released, IP addresses have been blocked from accessing the game. Making it more difficult to get around IP limitations by disabling the usage of VPNs is one of our top priorities.

Even though the developers claim that each of these steps has helped to improve the situation, they also acknowledge that the war against bots is far from over. In addition to working with Easy Anti-Cheat on new improvements, the writers are also refining their own system for identifying potentially harmful conduct. Remember that Lost Ark was released in the United States in February of this year. In the end, it was a huge success. There were 1.325 million people enjoying fun at the same moment, which is the second biggest result in Steam’s history when it comes to output.