No code app

No code apps with AppElixir


You don’t have to write any code to establish an online database with AppElixir.

Create your own unique web app to keep track of your data with the aid of an easy-to-use user interface.

Start with the basics. Create a Collection to organize your data. Customize data presentation by creating new forms.


AppElixir is a breeze to get up and running with. It’s possible to construct a high-quality software without writing any code thanks to our user interface.

Personalized Creations

Work with your data in new ways using custom views created just for that purpose. Users should be able to see different parts of your app depending on their roles. It’s the same info for everyone but you decide how much of it your consumers may see.


Create your own apps that are tailored to your specific requirements. There’s no limit to what AppElixir can do for you, from simple forms to complex apps with inter-connected components.

Examples of Put-to-use

You can benefit from AppElixir.

  • Make a plan for your stock.
  • Keep a record of your contact information
  • Keep track of your purchases and invoices.
  • Create a welcome desk visitor tracking system
  • In order to keep tabs on how much time each employee spends at
  • In charge of customer delivery
  • Forms of all types should be created:
  • Surveys\sQuestionnaires
  • Forms for contacting one another
  • Forms for Ordering Products
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