Do we still need RHEL in 2023?

When I first started working with Linux, RHEL (and its clone, CentOS) was the 800-pound gorilla in the room. It was a synonym for “serious,” while Linux and all other distributions were considered to be playthings. It was being utilized by everyone in the production process. CentOS was typically used by smaller companies because RHEL […]

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ZFS Linux

ZFS on Ubuntu Howto

On Ubuntu, we’ll learn how to set up ZFS. An enterprise-grade file system, ZFS or the Z File System, was created to address many of the issues with prior file systems. Traditional file systems as well as volume managers may be accessed using this one interface. Data integrity and security against data corruption, fast performance, […]

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Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Released

The newest LTS (long-term support) version of Ubuntu has been released by Canonical. 22.04, or Jammy Jellyfish, is the 36th Linux distribution to be released since 4.10 Warty Warthog in 1994, which is usually regarded as the release that started it all. Instead of a flurry of new features and hardware support, LTS releases have […]

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Fedora Linux

Fedora 36 Linux Release Notes

The Fedora 36 release notes summarize the most important new features and changes. Workstation Fedora 36 (pre-release) Fedora Linux is always the first to accept and advance new technologies and features in the Linux operating system space. New features, current updates, and embracing new essential technological developments have made Fedora 36 an exciting new version. […]

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